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Pastor Sylvester and Vivian Bland

Home Churches International has been active for almost 20 years to proclaim the name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR.  Our Purpose is to Teach you how to become a Spiritual Leader In Your Home.  Teaching and saving Souls for Jesus by the Power of the Holy Ghost.  Equipping you for the works of the Ministry by Study, Fellowship, Prayer, Giving and Service.

We will show you how to have a Healthy Relationship with our Heavenly Father and to find Your Purpose and the Reasons why you are alive today.  That's  your God Given Destiny.

"The Devil knows, if he can keep us acting like a chicken, scratching around in the earth for our meager existence, which is temporary, We'll Never soar like an eagle in the spirit With Our Creator, which is eternal." - Pastor Sylvester Bland

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