Our Declaration

Foundational Truths
    1. Because of His Omnipotence, we depend on His “Breath of Life”
    2. Because He is Omniscient, we totally depend on and submit to His wonder working power in every aspect of our lives. Even in our trials and tribulations work for our good and to His glory.
    3. Because of His Omnipresence, we depend and know by faith that we are never alone. The knowingness, that wherever we are, the impossible is always possible in and with Him. With this being said, WE DECLARE;
    4. All life is holy and precious. Especially human life, for which He is Sovereign. He divinely created and instituted marriage as Man and Wife. commanding them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

      The Family Unit constitutes the First Government.
      With its God-Given moral values, it has the authority to set Laws and Customs
      for the greater eternal good of all mankind.

      1. We must demand our Religious Freedoms and keep them unhindered by any other form of government.
      2. We must stand against unjust laws set by man, especially where they are in direct conflict with Biblical teachings and customs.

      We stand with the same Spirit that led America’s Forefathers
      as inscribed on our National Monuments in Washington DC.

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