An Invitation

Join us as we continue this journey.
Join Us!

This is your formal invitation and Spiritual call to suit up with the Full Armor of God.  You could be a part of this National Movement to slow down the moral decay of our country.The creation of this new grassroots movement is meant to motivate and encourage the Saints to fight the good fight of Faith. We are commanded to use the weapons of our warfare that are NOT carnal or worldly. We are to win souls in the name of JESUS. We must walk by the Faith He gave to us. He has promised to give us hope and hower to be Overcomers. The infilling of God’s Spirit will show us how to walk in his unconditional LOVE!

The darkness, confusion and complacency have incrementally put out the Light of the Lord in the hearts of men. Faith is turning into fear and hope is being lost.  God’s Promises and Purposes for our lives are being snatched away by the Evil One and His children. 

Become an Active Member with the Saints of God, UNITED and focused on 10 Major Offensive Attacks. With The Lord’s Help this will bring repentance and save Souls.  Being doers of God’s Word and not hearers only, will allow the blessings of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to fall not only on us, but even on our children and our children’s children.

So let us come together UNITED with the Love of the Lord. Please pray for the Lord’s anointing and power for this national revival.

Become a DELEGATE and receive a free Membership Card, by sending a one-time Tax Deductable Donation of any amount to cover the cost of mailing.

Become an AMBASSADOR and receive this Free Membership Card, by sending a monthly tax deductable donation of any amount.

We believe we must build a network of prayer warriors and intercessors all over North America, those willing to be real and accountable to one another for GOD'S GLORY.

We need people, with the Gift of Evangelism who are willing to reach out and physically touch someone for CHRIST. They will build personal relationships with others.

Using the powerful Prayer of Agreement (Matthew 18: 19-20), we can walk together through any trial or tribulation because the Lord has promised to be right there in the middle with us.

We envision small Cell Groups or Home Churches dotting the map, in every small town, city, and county in this great land of ours. (Titus 1: 5-9)

You'll also be able to distribute out some of our Christian information (for Soul Winning) and direct others to our broadcast daily, (LIVE ONLINE and INTERACTIVE) to further the growth, in their lives. Our broadcast is designed to also answer every question a person might have about our Faith, Doctrine, Prophesy and The Mysteries of Christ.

We pray, you will become a part of our Family, The UNITED SAINTS of AMERICA. It takes Teamwork, to make a DREAM WORK, so let us come together united in the love of the Lord.

Pastor Sylvester Bland
Some plant, some water and some reap the Harvest.
Please pray for the Lord’s Anointing and Power for this National Revival.

For membership options, contact us using one of the methods below:

Email us:
Telephone: (951) 360-3399
To write us at: P.O. Box 3388, Riverside, Ca 92519