Prayer Matter

8 topics for prayer

Our Prayer Petition to the Government & The American People
(both Democrats & Republicans)
for Redress of Grievances



  1. Abortion – Human Sacrifice, the consequence of Pre-Marital and Extra-Marital Sex
  2. The Loss of Our Moral Compass – All Sexual Perversions is Now The New Normal
  3. IRS Attacking Conservatives – Infringement on 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights (Arms, Religion and Free Speech)
  4. The Needless Loss of American Life and Imprisonment, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi
  5. Out of Control and Overreaching US Policies; Obama Care, Unemployment, Illegal Immigration Dumping, and Common Core
  6. Out of Control American Issues Not Being Addressed; Race Baiting, Inflation, Food, Gas, Taxes etc
  7. Failed Foreign Policies – NOT Standing with Israel, 5 Gitmo Generals we may have to fight all over again, Iraq, Iran, China, etc
  8. The Liberal Left – Doesn’t Suppress, and Maybe Encourages Violence and Verbal Attacks on those who don’t Agree