Be Prepared

The enemy is not flesh and blood.
You can be prepared

Be a Church of two, that’s all it takes to have our Lord and Savior right in the middle of your home (Matthews 18:20). The top Brass in our U.S. Military has a contingency plan for every scenario of war. They are ready daily, for any Offensive needs or a Defensive Retaliation. God too has contingency plans, Being Omniscient (All Knowing), He knew the heart of men before creation. The Lord said in His Word, “that before the end would come, there would be a great falling away of the Saints and that the love of many, for God would grow cold”.

American Christianity is experiencing persecution and being attacked, more and more, with Church burnings and false Prophets. The things that are right are now wrong and the wrongs are now right. The U.S. State Department is picking up the tab for a Muslim preacher to evangelize the good reasons to build a Mosque near ground ZERO in New York.

The battle is in our hearts and minds. The battlefield is your Family’s home address. I believe the Heavenly Father, here in last days, is taking off the gloves, with another movement of the Holy Spirit, to reach out to the Lukewarm, Backslidden and the Lost.

If you are being moved by the Spirit of God to get active, and start bearing fruit, in the areas of One-on-One Witnessing or having a simple in-home Family Devotion, we can help. If you know, you are called to have a full service, in-home Bible-teaching Church, we’ll make it easy, by showing you how, step by step.

Phase I

Building a National foundation.

Phase II

Rally our friends and family for prayer.

Phase III

Building the BIO Media.

Phase IV

Sharing God's plan for Survival.