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We are the new “PC” (PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY). We are a dedicated network of Believers doing what CHRIST commanded us to do: To occupy and evangelize the world (starting with our homes) until HE comes. We are Preaching, Praying, Preparing, and Protecting our families and friends in this life for the next. (Proverbs 11:30)


By Invitation, for years now, Pastor Bland has met with or had Fellowship with thousands of Christians, all across America. He has been meeting with them in parks, coffee shops, churches and during the "Breaking of Bread" in the homes of Saints. In the book, ACTS of The Apostles, it gives the Perfect and Holy way GOD intended for HIS People to interact with each other by the way they Live, Love and Encourage one another for the sake of the Gospel, as they were to spread it around the World.

By Broadcasting LIVE ONLINE DAILY, we can offer a Conference Call Line to encourage Testimonies, Comments and Questions with the Host. At the same time we are exposing the plans and trickeries of the Enemy.


There is wisdom to be gained in understanding the Devil’s TEN major offensive plans. His plan has been to exploit the weaknesses of men, to beat them down. So much so, that there is no fight left in them. Not knowing the schemes of the Prince of Darkness has made the Saints of God a part of the problem. By exposing the enemy’s Offensive Plans of Attack, we become armed with God's Word and the knowledge of how to be victorious over the Devil's kingdoms on earth.

The influence of Pornography is spreading like a Plague on our Society. It is a Silent Secret Killer in The Body of Christ. Wherever it is allowed to flourish, Pornography will short-circuit the soul as it slowly and systematically derails the God-given purpose of men, women and children, for season or for a lifetime. Studies have shown that the addictive power of Pornography, with one (or even the first) exposure, is just as powerful as an addiction to Cocaine.

The United Saints of America and Home Churches International are proud to announce our partnership with Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is the Premiere Service dedicated to protecting the hearts and minds of the victims of pornography addiction using accountability reporting, content filtering and other tools. Click the banner below to find out more about Covenant Eyes.

Now we can be a part of God’s solution for these Last Days. [Ephesians 6: 10-18]

The United Saints of America is the Outreach Arm of Home Churches International.


We hope you will take a few minutes to view this welcome video from Pastor Sylvester Bland. It will tell you a little about The United Saints of America! In this video you will hear about who we are, about our Biblical mission and about the vision of Building a Church Without Walls.

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